Today, Computer is an essential component of our life and no one can live without the knowledge of computer. Any Simple task involves the use of Computer like money transaction form Bank and ATM’s (or) Paying an Electricity Bill and many more Office bill’s now generate throw Computers.

Almost Every single task has been assisted by the computers. So, if some people can Learn Computer then why not All. It is not mandatory that you start only for a long term career course but can start with just a small literacy course & upgrade yourself at optimum level as & when you need.

For This very purpose we started the “Tamil Nadu Computer education development Scheme” in 2009 it was run under sakthi educational & charitable trust and successfully imparting the TNCS Computer Education Organization with a network of our 100* associated learning centers instituted throughout the State..

Now It is time for You to learn COMPUTER by your Choice of the course & duration and take the advantage of our Global Mission.

Happy Learning


Project Director,


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